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Straight Talk with PMI: Catching Up With PMI Founder Jim Snyder

27 Oct 2021
Tony Appleby
Welcome to another episode of Straight Talk with PMI. There have been many exciting advances underway at PMI recently, but we are always proud to build upon our rich tradition and history. In this very special episode of Straight Talk, Chair of the Project Management Institute Board of Directors, Tony Appleby, sits down in person to catch up with one of PMI’s original Founders, Jim Snyder.


If you enjoyed the summary of Tony and Jim reminiscing on PMI's modest origins as a group of project managers sharing tips and tricks to its explosive growth around the world, you can see the full interview in 4 parts below. Please take a moment to watch this thought-provoking and immersive conversation:


Catching up with PMI Founder Jim Snyder

Tony Applebee, Chairman of PMI's Board of Directors, sits down with one of PMI's founders, Jim Synder, to discuss the Institute's evolution over the past 50 years - and what the future holds for the profession. They begin their conversation by looking at how PMI has fared during the pandemic, and how the broader community of project managers is thriving in a virtual environment. [4:01]

Embracing changemakers while staying true to the core

Tony and Jim discuss how PMI has expanded the impact and benefits it can offer to an ever-growing and virtual community of practitioners. PMI is still and always will be a professional association of project managers – and today it continues to expand value by finding new ways to bring a broader set of changemakers into that community. [4:05]

Transformation and Chapters

PMI is transforming to better meet the needs of its members, chapters and stakeholders. Jim has some 'straight talk' for Tony and the leadership at PMI regarding the efforts that are underway and how our efforts can be better communicated to the entire community. Self-reflection and a renewed focus on culture will continue to be a priority for the Board and staff. [3:44]

From humble beginnings to global leader

Tony and Jim conclude their discussion by reminiscing on PMI's modest origins as a group of project managers sharing tips and tricks to its explosive growth around the world. Early PMI meetings were actually international from the start, allowing a "forum to exchange information on how projects are managed, and all the skills and techniques that are needed to do that." [4:24]

Tony Appleby Tony Appleby

Tony Appleby is the managing director of the Project Strategy Consulting Group, specializing in organizational maturity and the delivery of strategic transformation. He has led engagements on six continents, partnering with executive and country leadership teams to achieve business objectives through improved operational capabilities and strategic performance management. He is also focused on expanding organizational project management process excellence to government agencies and nongovernmental organizations in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.