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Managing Your Organization with Resiliency in the Face of Disruption

9 Nov 2021
Michael DePrisco
Mike DePrisco chats with Fortune CEO Alan Murray on how to stay resilient amidst ongoing disruption and how PMI is helping build resilient organizations that can overcome new, unforeseen challenges.

Image by Stefan Vladimirov on Unsplash

It’s no secret that organizations around the world have been forced to adapt their operations to quickly changing landscapes, from deploying new technologies to creating hybrid workplaces. And while many are planning for a post-pandemic world, organizations must adopt a mindset of perpetual transformation to succeed moving forward. Business resilience will only grow in importance and will be key in fueling innovation and growth in the face of disruption.

To help organizations bridge the gap between strategy and delivery, at PMI we’re helping provide access to new practices, resources and communities to thrive in our new world of work. For example, we offer the Disciplined Agile (DA) Tool Kit that helps individuals, teams and organizations find the most efficient team structure and style for the project at hand – improving ways of working and delivering value to customers even as things change – to achieve true enterprise agility. Additionally, our Organizational Transformation series provides the tools and best practices for supporting and leading transformation efforts.

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Michael DePrisco Michael DePrisco

As PMI's Interim President & CEO and Chief Operating Officer, Michael (Mike) DePrisco provides executive leadership to the Global Operations Group, supporting more than 1.2M active certification holders, 650,000 members and 300 chapters from over 200 countries. He is responsible for the Product Portfolio, Lean Portfolio & Product Integration, Customer Care, and Digital Groups. His team's focus is on digital product delivery and management, and the successful execution of all major initiatives.