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What is the Construction Professional in Built Environment Projects (CPBEP)™ Certification?

17 Nov 2021
Benjamin Breen
Infrastructure around the world is in a constant state of transformation. Swelling urban populations, emerging economies, and intensifying climate change all demand roads, electrical grids, communication networks, access to water, and more. Ben Breen, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, and Global Head of Construction at PMI, shares his insights on how PMI’s new Construction Professional in Built Environment Projects (CPBEP)™ certification can help construction professionals.

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As countries around the globe continue to build a path forward from the pandemic, industries are playing catch-up to meet today’s new challenges—and the construction sector is no exception. The industry has unique pain points to address, including challenges adapting to today’s health and safety regulations, as well as shifting workforce dynamics. For example, the National Center for Construction Education and Research estimates 41 percent of the current U.S. built environment workforce will retire by 2031. 

And that’s not all. 

According to McKinsey, construction projects typically take 20 percent longer to finish than scheduled and are up to 80 percent over budget. In 2020, we did a little research of our own. PMI surveyed more than 40,000 global Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification holders in the construction industry and found:

  • 72 percent experience project delays always or often
  • 70 percent experience scope creep always or often
  • 73 percent of projects ended over budget

Clearly, a great deal of value is being squandered due to ineffective delivery of projects. 

At PMI, we’re taking action to make a difference and are thrilled to launch our newest offering, the Construction Professional in Built Environment Projects (CPBEP)™ certification. The certification was designed by industry experts for construction experts; we worked with premier construction professionals to create learning content offerings that help changemakers tackle common challenges. PMI is uniquely positioned to help address key challenges faced by the global industry and better equip professionals with the skills they need to bring projects of all sizes to life, from home improvement to large-scale infrastructure. 

Construction Gone Digital

Along with the industry’s anticipated retirement surge and historical tendency for projects to get off track, rapid digitalization is also hitting the construction sector, creating a triple effect of change. Though global construction has traditionally been arguably less innovative than other industries due to limited margins and general risk aversion, times are changing. As more construction organizations explore the potential of AI, drones, and other forms of robotics, along with mobile apps and cloud storage, professionals need to adapt to ensure they have the technical skills required to bring projects to life.

Organizations and individuals alike will need to upskill, and people-centered “power skills”—think effective communication and collaborative leadership—will be just as critical in this new era of the built environment as technical skills. These skills will help ensure accurate decisions are made across sites and offices, and projects are completed as scheduled and within scope. The CPBEP certification not only has the potential to future-proof industry skills, but also enable teams to lead the way.

Learn Wherever, Whenever

The CPBEP provides self-paced, bite-sized courses with engaging downloadable content, allowing learners to apply the material insights at work. Seven online learning courses make up the series, three of which count as a micro-credential upon course completion. The first three courses available are:

The four remaining courses will launch in 2022, along with a capstone exam that will award the CPBEP certification to professionals who pass. To learn more about the CPBEP certification, visit   

Benjamin Breen Benjamin Breen

Ben Breen is Managing Director of the Association of South Eastern Nations (ASEAN) region where he will oversee business development and represent the chapters in the region bringing us closer to the needs of our customers. Ben also will spearhead the Construction Working Group for greater reach and focus.