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Straight Talk with PMI: Changemakers and the Longevity Economy

10 Dec 2021
Michael DePrisco
In this episode of Straight Talk with PMI, our COO Mike DePrisco and Dr. Jean C. Accius of AARP, Senior Vice President of Global Thought Leadership, chat about how organizations can support a multi-generational workforce, AARP’s “Living, Learning and Earning Longer” initiative, and more.


If you enjoyed the summary of Mike and Jean discussing the value of a multi-generational workforce, you can see the full interview in 5 parts below.


Welcome to Dr. Jean C. Accius of AARP

Mike DePrisco, COO of PMI, is joined by Dr. Jean C. Accius of AARP, who is the Senior Vice President of Global Thought Leadership. This exciting new episode of Straight Talk focuses on how PMI is broadening its community and expanding its focus on changemakers from 5 to 105, and how around the globe professionals are impacting the project economy at all stages of their life. [3:55]

The “Living, Learning, and Earning Longer” Initiative

Mike congratulates Dr. Accius on the initiative being recognized as a Fast Company 2021 World Changing Idea. As people live longer, healthier lives, many will want or need to work longer. Jean explains how longevity thus presents an opportunity and responsibility for governments, employers, and people of all ages to reimagine what it means to earn and learn over a lifetime. [5:12]

Expanding PMI's Community of Changemakers from 5 to 105

Mike and Dr. Accius discuss how organizations can build truly diverse workforces that tap in to talents of everyone no matter what their age or stage of life. Ageism and descrimination are real challenges that impact everyone. Just as younger professionals seek to be viewed as leaders today, senior professionals have their own sights set on contributing their knowledge and abilities. [5:17]

Understanding the Longevity Economy

The discussion turns to how companies need to have a longevity strategy if an they want to be competitive over the next 50 to 100 years. Mike and Jean also discuss the appetite for senior professionals to continue to pursue development ant upskilling opportunities. [5:04]

Giving Back and the Role of Mentorship

Mike and Dr. Accius close out their conversation by focusing on the critical role played by mentor and volunteers. Lifelong learning and value creation is a shared value between PMI and AARP, and that alignment of principles creates a tremendous opportunities for both organizations to collaborate. [5:14]

Michael DePrisco Michael DePrisco

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