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Straight Talk with PMI: Future of Work (Part 1)

4 Mar 2022
Michael DePrisco

In this Straight Talk episode, Mike DePrisco, our COO at PMI, has an in-depth conversation with Representative Bryan Steil, (Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District), who delves into his work co-chairing the Congressional Future of Work Caucus.

If you enjoyed the summary of Mike and Bryan discussing the future of work, you can see the full interview in four parts below.

Mike introduces Representative Steil and probes on the role played by the Caucus. Representative Steil gives a sneak peek at the genesis of the Caucus and its goal to pivot workers for the future.

Representative Steil talks about how a confluence of new technologies are shaping the ‘Future of Work,’ and dispels the myth that new technologies impact jobs and poses a risk. On the contrary, he gives convincing proof points on how new technologies create new opportunities and improve the earning power of workers—they need to upskill to thrive in the ‘Future of Work.’

Mike asks the very important question regarding the need to rethink our approach to learning models for combating today’s biggest challenges. Mike elaborates on how PMI advocates for a mix of domain knowledge with technical and soft skills, so called ‘Power Skills.’ Representative Steil expands on the need for embedding blended learning models into education and fostering well-rounded, relevant learning and skill development.

Representative Steil touches on the very important aspect of lifelong learning. Education does not end with college; it is a continuous process in skill development. Individuals need to constantly raise their bar by upskilling themselves to stay relevant in order to increase their earning power throughout their productive years and beyond.

Michael DePrisco Michael DePrisco

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