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Straight Talk with PMI: Organizational Transformation and the Never Normal

1 Sep 2021
Dave Garrett

Welcome to another episode of Straight Talk with PMI. This episode is all about transformation, and PMI Chief Strategy and Growth Officer Dave Garrett is joined by futurist and entrepreneur Peter Hinssen. Peter is one of today’s most sought-after thought leaders on radical innovation, leadership, and the impact of all things digital on society and business. He has lectured at leading business schools, including the London Business School and MIT in Boston—and we are thrilled to welcome him to Straight Talk.

If you enjoyed the summary of Dave and Peter discussing organizational transformation, you can see the full interview in five parts below.

Meet Peter Hinssen, serial entrepreneur, advisor, keynote speaker, and author. PMI Chief Strategy and Growth Officer Dave Garrett asks Peter to introduce us to his work and the concept of the Phoenix organization—a company that can reinvent itself in the face of tremendous turmoil and emerge stronger. Peter also explores the dynamics of start-ups and established companies and how in many ways they envy each other.

Peter unpacks his concept of "The Never Normal"—how we've moved past the concepts of "New Normal" and the digital revolution of the prior several years. In fact, Peter believes we'll never go back to "normal" and now face a continual cycle of change that organizations will have to embrace—or risk falling behind.

Dave and Peter discuss the concepts of comparative advantage and how organizations can thrive in a time of perpetual change.

Peter walks us through "The Phoenix and the Unicorn" and dissects practical examples and prescriptive steps and characteristics changemakers must embrace as they embark on transformations: a sense of positive urgency, clear vision, combining the old and new, customer-focused mindset, shared direction, and motivated innovators.

The discussion turns to the individual and what changemakers can do to navigate the current climate. Upskilling is critically important, and our approach to education must radically change to accommodate the never normal. Peter closes with some information about how to learn more and engage with his research.

Dave Garrett Dave Garrett

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