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Unplugged: Recapping PMI Mega Projects and Sustainable Infrastructure Summit

29 Sep 2022
Pierre Le Manh
President & CEO, Pierre Le Manh, shares his key takeaways from PMI’s Mega Projects and Sustainable Infrastructure Summit. This conference brings together key decision-makers from leading public and private organizations that are reshaping the future of construction and projects across the MENA region. Learn how PMI is helping organizations execute on more eco-friendly buildings, bridges, rail systems and megaprojects.


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Pierre Le Manh Pierre Le Manh

Pierre Le Manh is the President & Chief Executive Officer of the Project Management Institute. As a global executive with a multi-cultural background, Pierre Le Manh brings a proven track record of delivering results and guiding organizations through complex transformations. He is passionate about leading teams in innovating and creating new ways to disseminate specialized knowledge, upskilling and education.