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Become the Mentor You Wish You Had

Karla Eidem Karla Eidem | 3 Aug 2023

As new project professionals enter the workforce this summer, they’ll be seeking out more seasoned professionals for mentorship and advice. Whether you’re a recent grad or a new project professional transitioning from another field, mentorship can play an important role in helping you find your place in our profession. PMI’s Karla Ei... View more


How to Use Your Summer Days Wisely

Karla Eidem Karla Eidem | 12 Jul 2023

Something about summer makes us want to get outside, meet new people, and let our hair down. But summer also brings the possibility of mixing business and pleasure in new ways. In this post,... View more


Stamp Out Burnout on Your Teams

Brantlee Underhill Brantlee Underhill | 6 Jul 2023

Everyone gets stressed from time to time. A little stress at work can even be a good thing. But burnout is another matter entirely. Burnout is stress on steroids. It has employees running fo... View more