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Ask PMI Anything: What Can I Do to Close My Organization’s Skills Gap?

Michael DePrisco Michael DePrisco | 29 Sep 2022

Finding the right people to deliver on your organization’s strategic objectives has never been more challenging. The answer, however, lies not just in recruiting the right people but in reskilling and upskilling your existing staff. In this post, Mike DePrisco discusses this second front in the war for talent and offers advice on how... View more


Introducing PMI’s New President and CEO, Pierre Le Manh

Pierre Le Manh Pierre Le Manh | 15 Sep 2022

The PMI community is pleased to welcome our new President and CEO, Pierre Le Manh! Since 1 September 2022, Pierre oversees the implementation of PMI’s Impact Strategy and guides the organiza... View more


Helping Our Community in Times of Need

Michael DePrisco Michael DePrisco | 29 Mar 2022

Michael DePrisco discusses how the global PMI community is taking action to support those impacted by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.... View more