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PMI Survey Takes a Closer Look at U.S. Infrastructure

Brantlee Underhill Brantlee Underhill | 3 Feb 2023

Historic investments, rapidly evolving technologies, and social and environmental changes are shaking up the infrastructure industry. While impacts are being felt around the world, PMI’s recent survey took a closer look at how the state of U.S. infrastructure in particular affects Americans’ everyday lives. Brantlee Underhill explore... View more


A Look Behind the Curtain: PMI’s Mega Projects & Sustainable Infrastructure Summit

Grace Najjar Grace Najjar | 22 Nov 2022

The construction and infrastructure industries are quick to adapt to new disruptive technologies and innovations. At the recent PMI Mega Projects and Sustainable Infrastructure Summit, we sp... View more


Unplugged: Recapping PMI Mega Projects and Sustainable Infrastructure Summit

Pierre Le Manh Pierre Le Manh | 29 Sep 2022

President & CEO, Pierre Le Manh, shares his key takeaways from PMI’s Mega Projects and Sustainable Infrastructure Summit. This conference brings together key decision-makers from leading pub... View more