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Turn Your Organization’s ESG Goals into Action

Joe Cahill Joe Cahill | 11 Aug 2022

“Hell is paved with good intentions,” said British writer Samuel Johnson. Good intentions are behind many organizations’ ESG commitments. But turning those good intentions into concrete actions is taking on new urgency. Joe Cahill explains why project professionals are critical to this effort and how PMI aims to help with a new repor... View more


Unplugged: Empowering Our Chapters | Mary Pat Kessler, VP, Global Engagement, PMI

Mary Pat Kessler | 5 Aug 2022

PMI's Vice President of Global Engagement, Mary Pat Kessler, shares a sneak peek into the 'Chapter Empowerment Program' and how it will play a critical role in providing PMI’s over 300 chapt... View more


Work-Life Balance: It’s Not Just a Perk Anymore

Michael DePrisco Michael DePrisco | 28 Jul 2022

COVID-19 scrambled the calculus of what workers expect in a job. In this new world, work-life balance has moved from the “nice-to-have” to the “must-have” column. In this post, Michael DePri... View more