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Four Signs Your Project Needs a Reset and Four Ways to Intervene

Tom Wujec Tom Wujec | 1 Dec 2022

Sometimes you can just feel a project losing momentum. The team seems disengaged, you’ve missed an important KPI and the goal line keeps receding into the future. It may be time for a reset. In this post, Tom Wujec shares four warning signs that a reset may be necessary and four strategies for getting your project back on track.... View more


A Look Behind the Curtain: PMI’s Mega Projects & Sustainable Infrastructure Summit

Grace Najjar Grace Najjar | 22 Nov 2022

The construction and infrastructure industries are quick to adapt to new disruptive technologies and innovations. At the recent PMI Mega Projects and Sustainable Infrastructure Summit, we sp... View more


Four Essential Skills to Future-Proof Your Career

Sierra Hampton-Simmons Sierra Hampton-Simmons | 17 Nov 2022

Employers today aren’t interested in one-dimensional employees. They’re looking for people with multiple skills who can deliver extra value in everything they do. In this post, Sierra Hampto... View more