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Unplugged: Recapping PMI Mega Projects and Sustainable Infrastructure Summit

Pierre Le Manh Pierre Le Manh | 29 Sep 2022

President & CEO, Pierre Le Manh, shares his key takeaways from PMI’s Mega Projects and Sustainable Infrastructure Summit. This conference brings together key decision-makers from leading public and private organizations that are reshaping the future of construction and projects across the MENA region. Learn how PMI is helping organiz... View more


Ask PMI Anything: What Can I Do to Close My Organization’s Skills Gap?

Michael DePrisco Michael DePrisco | 29 Sep 2022

Finding the right people to deliver on your organization’s strategic objectives has never been more challenging. The answer, however, lies not just in recruiting the right people but in resk... View more


Are You Prepared to Take on the Challenge of Sustainability?

Olivier Lazar Olivier Lazar | 23 Sep 2022

The challenges presented by climate change are real, alarming and becoming more urgent by the day. Project leaders will be on the front lines of dealing with the fallout. Are you ready to re... View more