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A Call to Action: Let’s Get Serious About Power Skills

Dave Garrett Dave Garrett | 9 Feb 2023

This year’s Pulse of the Profession® report establishes an indisputable link between power skills and project success, and the continued importance of technical skills. But the report also suggests that power skills are not as fully valued as they ought to be. In this post, Dave Garrett summarizes the report’s findings and issues a c... View more


Go Big by Thinking Small: The Power of Incrementalism Theory

David Altman David Altman | 12 Jan 2023

“Think big.” “Think outside the box.” Or so we’ve been told by generations of business gurus. But what if the gurus are wrong? What if the best way to achieve consistent, sustainable success... View more


Four Signs Your Project Needs a Reset and Four Ways to Intervene

Tom Wujec Tom Wujec | 1 Dec 2022

Sometimes you can just feel a project losing momentum. The team seems disengaged, you’ve missed an important KPI and the goal line keeps receding into the future. It may be time for a reset.... View more