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Generative AI: You Have To Apply It To “Get” It

Dave Garrett Dave Garrett | 24 Oct 2023

Given many companies are now leveraging Generative AI and adoption will only increase, project professionals can – and should – be leveraging it in their own projects. But many professionals don’t have the practical know-how when it comes to AI. In this post, Dave Garrett discusses how PMI’s new e-learning course can help project pro... View more


Wanted: Leadership (Not Just) From the Top

David Altman David Altman | 12 Oct 2023

From climate change to technological disruption, the challenges facing our world are enormous. Addressing these challenges will require leadership—not just from those at the top but from all... View more


Become the Mentor You Wish You Had

Karla Eidem Karla Eidem | 3 Aug 2023

As new project professionals enter the workforce this summer, they’ll be seeking out more seasoned professionals for mentorship and advice. Whether you’re a recent grad or a new project prof... View more