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What Neanderthals Got Right About the Agile Mindset

Howard Sublett Howard Sublett | 3 Mar 2023

Agile in 2023 isn’t about rules or formulas. It’s about maintaining an open mindset and building organizational systems that allow us to be as responsive as possible to customer needs. In this post, Howard Sublett explains why an agile mindset is so important and who some of its earliest practitioners might have been.... View more


Enterprise Transformation is a Never-Ending Journey, Not a Destination

Amol Pradhan Amol Pradhan | 18 Aug 2022

As agilists, we’re often caught up with questions about how we work. Before answering those questions, however, it’s necessary to address a far more important issue: why we want to change? A... View more


How to Convince Your Team to Experiment with New Ways of Working

Scott Ambler Scott Ambler | 6 Apr 2022

We like to say that Disciplined Agile is about helping organizations get better at getting better. We do that by offering an extensive catalogue of tried-and-true traditional, agile and hybr... View more