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Enterprise Transformation is a Never-Ending Journey, Not a Destination

Amol Pradhan Amol Pradhan | 18 Aug 2022

As agilists, we’re often caught up with questions about how we work. Before answering those questions, however, it’s necessary to address a far more important issue: why we want to change? Amol Pradhan, Chief Transformation Officer, SIH Cloud Advisory and Enterprise Agility, IBM, explains how this mindset-shift plays a critical role ... View more


How to Convince Your Team to Experiment with New Ways of Working

Scott Ambler Scott Ambler | 6 Apr 2022

We like to say that Disciplined Agile is about helping organizations get better at getting better. We do that by offering an extensive catalogue of tried-and-true traditional, agile and hybr... View more


2022: The Year of Disciplined Agile

Scott Ambler Scott Ambler | 27 Jan 2022

Agilists face unique challenges in 2022. Meeting those challenges will mean embracing a true agile mindset, evolving beyond prescriptive frameworks, and bringing agile methods to new value s... View more