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Citizen Development: A Joint Venture Between IT and Business 

Sam Sibley Sam Sibley | 11 Nov 2021

Citizen development is all about empowerment. But even the most empowered citizen developer needs guidance and support from IT to deliver a successful outcome. Creating a culture of collaboration is thus a top priority for organizations embarking on a citizen development journey. Sam Sibley explains how IT and business can work toget... View more


Ask PMI Anything: My organization is exploring citizen development. What do I need to know?

Sam Sibley Sam Sibley | 5 Oct 2021

The citizen development wave is heading your way. What can you do to make sure you ride the wave instead of wiping out? Sam Sibley, Global Head of Citizen Developer Division at PMI, provides... View more


Ask PMI Anything: As an individual, how can I mitigate risk with Citizen Developer?

Sam Sibley Sam Sibley | 19 Aug 2021

We’ve all heard the buzz: citizen development is a potential game-changer for how work gets done. But as with any innovation, it’s important to assess the risks as well as the benefits. Sam ... View more