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Unplugged: PMI's ESG Hub

Joe Cahill Joe Cahill | 19 Oct 2022

Joe Cahill, our Chief Customer Officer, calls for other Organizations in every sector to explore how to maximize their approach to ESG – which stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance standards for employees, customers, and the communities where organizations operate. Joe explains how PMI’s efforts to increase ESG implementat... View more


Unplugged: Recapping PMI Mega Projects and Sustainable Infrastructure Summit

Pierre Le Manh Pierre Le Manh | 29 Sep 2022

President & CEO, Pierre Le Manh, shares his key takeaways from PMI’s Mega Projects and Sustainable Infrastructure Summit. This conference brings together key decision-makers from leading pub... View more


Unplugged: Brightline CTO Report

Tahirou Assane Tahirou Assane | 15 Sep 2022

Why do seven out of ten enterprise transformations fail to meet their expectations? Director of Brightline, Tahirou Assane, explores the reasons why behind this trend, and how to better hand... View more